The Matrix Returns to the Big Screen for 20th Anniversary

Posted by: Sandra Guzman
6 August 2019 11:08:46 am

To celebrate The Matrix's 20th anniversary, Dolby Cinemas and AMC Theaters will be showing the hit science fiction movie from August 30 to September 5 with multiple showings a day. The Matrix re-release tickets are on sale now.

Showtime begins at 7p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 29. The Matrix has already been re-released this year in UK, Spain and Ukraine where it grossed about $350,000 according to Box Office Mojo.

Directed by the Wachowskis, The Matrix is the first film of the Matrix trilogy. It starred Reeves as a computer hacker named Neo who gets contacted by another hacker named Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) who opens up Neo to a world where humans are enslaved to machines and mindlessly living in an artificial reality called the Matrix.

The world of the Matrix may continue on with writer Zak Penn having written something for the franchise. He last talked about the movie in May by saying that nothing is official yet.

Around the time of the movie's birthday in March, a producer on the movie said that Sandra Bullock turned down the role of Neo.