Respawn Developer Teases New Apex Legends Character

Posted by: Mak Barrera
5 August 2019 06:08:17 pm

With the addition of Wattson and the Remodel of Kings Canyon on Apex Legends Season 2, it seems like fans wont have to wait long to be treated to another new character, it might come sooner than we think.


Respawn Entertainment's producer Tina Sanchez tweeted two pictures of herself wearing a motion capture suit while holding something that appears to be a cane. Sanchez commented said that she was working on Apex Legends and tagged two of Respawn's animators. It appears that Sanchez is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the animation process of how Apex Legends characters are created.

That wouldn't be much to go on, but when a fan asked if the post was in relation to Crypto, the supposed upcoming character, Sanchez responded with a closed mouth emoji.

Previous leaks of Crypto include him with a sword strapped to his back. Data miners have also found files titled "DEATH_SWORD." Sanchez's cane could be the prop used to mimic Crypto's sword. It's also worth noting that Sanchez is joined by another person wearing a motion capture suit.

Apex Legends introduced season 2 with some drastic changes to its map, and the introduction of Wattson, an electricity expert and engineer of the games Modified Containment Ring. Crypto meanwhile, has seemingly been teased since season 2's debut launch trailer, where a mysterious figure triggers the explosion that led to the map being invaded by local wildlife.

With Electronic Arts teasing a major Apex Legends event in its 2020 scheduled for mid-August, Respawn, along with Crypto, might finally give the fans what they’re asking for.