No Man's Sky VR Update Releases This Month

Posted by: mak Barrera
4 August 2019 11:08:03 pm

No Man's Sky's next major update, called "Beyond", will release on August 14, 2019. The expansion will include the ability to play and experience the entire game in virtual reality and expands its online multiplayer functionality, and the best part? It will come as a free update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Beyond introduces a new social and multiplayer experience, allowing players to meet and play together. Hello Games announced this feature as an easier way to meet up and play with friends, but it stated that it doesn't consider this a shift into an MMO style of play beacuse it doesn't feature a subscription or any form of microtransactions.

There is also a third component to the update, but Hello Games is keeping it's mouth shut about that for now.

"Beyond" marks the seventh major expansion to No Man's Sky. Last year, we were treated with the "Next" expansion, which made a major overhaul in the game. It also recently released the underwater "Abyss" expansion and tons of new biomes in the "Visions" expansion.

Hello Games has succesfully revived No Man's Sky after a release window that most considered disappointing.