Flappy Bird but in Battle Royale Mode

Posted by: Mak Barrera
13 July 2019 01:07:58 pm

Flappy Bird first appeared on our devices way back 2013(makes you feel old doesn't it?). Now here comes "Flappy Royale"

Flappy Royale has the same mechanics as its predecessor, Flappy Bird and its just as addictive as the original. The only difference though is now, you will be paired witth 99 real-time players and you will be duking it out to be the "last bird flying". The game also allows you to customize your bird and  to compete to get the best high-scores in the community.

A sense of futility is pervasive in Flappy Royale as well, but it’s counter-balanced by the fact that everyone is doomed together. Or, at least, almost everyone.Some Flappys are really good at flapping, and who knows what happens to them as they fly out of sight beyond the fifth and sixth pipes.

The game is available now as a public demo that only has the battle royale as an option. Unlike the original, Flappy Royale is only playable through a web browser. While it can be played on the PC and smartphones, the game is optimized for mobile devices due to its “vertically-inclined” user interface. If it gets out of beta, there will be proper mobile apps and a Daily Trial option as well. 

Want to give Flappy Royale a try? click here: Flappy Royale

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