16 Year-Old Takes Home $3 Million at Fortnite World Cup

Posted by: Mak Barrera
29 July 2019 07:07:17 pm

The Fortnite World Cup Finals, a three-day competition with a prize pool of over $30 million to be split among the winners, has finally come to a close with Kyle "Bugha" Gierdsorf emerging on top with $3 million of the prize pool as the solos winner.

Bugha is a representative for the Sentinels team and managed to streak past 99 other opponents, and winning by a wide margin of 59 points. The runner up, Psalm, scored only 33 points by comparison. Fornites World Cup used a point- scoring system that encouraged players to not only place higher up in the ranking, but also eliminate opponents, to discourage players from simplu hiding until the game ends.

When interviewed, Bugha replied - “Words can’t even explain (how I feel) right now,” Giersdorf said from the Champion’s circle. “I’m just so happy. Everything I’ve done, the grind, it’s all paid off. It’s just insane.”

Unlike the dous finals on Saturday, there was almost no delay in calculating that Bugha won due to the large spread in the score. Bugha's early match aggression gave him an advantage, allowing him to play more conservatively in later matches, The american player already had a 15-point-lead by match 6.

Here are the full results of Fortnite World Cup solos.

The Fortnite Dous tournament also made headlines with the audience going wild over a Fortnite cheaters death.