Ryan Reynolds Unveals Deadpool 'Phase 5' Leak Investigation

Posted by: Dex E.
29 July 2019 10:07:36 am

The test footage for Ryan Reynold's Deadpool was leaked online five years ago today. Until now, nobody knows who leaked the footage. Reynolds shared on instagram, his "Investigation Board" which states possible culprits, from the film's directors, writers to Hugh Jackman.







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Investigation heading into year 5. Or as I call it, ‘Phase 5.’ The point is, I love conspiracy-yarn. #LeakAversary

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Ryan Reynolds metioned "Phase 5" in his instagram post, which some fans figured out could hint at when the Merc With a Mouth could make his MCU debut. Kevin Fiege confirmed that Fantastic Four and the X-Men are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Deadpool was not included on the announcement at San Diego Comic-con, but some have suggested that an announcement might come soon.

David Leitch, the director of Deadpool 2 revealed in an interview:
"I don’t, honestly.","And it’s not for my lack of trying. And I also want to give – I’m just giving everybody their time.""I know Marvel announced their slate and I think people were like, 'Deadpool’s not on it.'" Leitch added.
"I would never say never. And I think, obviously, he’s such a beloved character and it’s such a compelling world people want to go back to. And I think they will find a way to do it. But I’m just being patient and let everybody take a breath and see how it works for them in the new Marvel, Disney world. And, hopefully, I’ll get the call. And that would be cool.

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