Will Legolas Appear in Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV Show?

Posted by: Mak Barrera
28 July 2019 11:07:27 am

Orlando Bloom may be starring in Azamon's 'Carnival Row', but don't expect him to cameo in Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV show. Not for now at least.

The actor, got his big break in Hollywood starring as Legolas Greenleaf in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy and later on reprised his roles in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy ten years later. Bloom recalled that 20 years ago when they were filming the fantasy epic, Jackson predicted that someone would someday try and remake the story based on J.R.R. Tolkien's seminal novels, with the cast insisting it would never happen. "Now here I am working for Amazon and they're remaking it," Bloom kiddingly said in an interview, appearing alongside Carnival Row costar Cara Delevigne, creator Travis Beacham, and Marc Guggenheim at Amazon's Television Critics Association press tour.

When asked if he would make an appearance in Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series, Bloom replied, "I don't know how they're going to approach it," and pointed out that he's done everything there is to do with Legolas as part of Jackson's films. "I'd like to think of myself as ageless, but I don’t know where I would fit in that world," he admitted. "If you're saying as Legolas, they probably have a 19-year-old kid who’s ready to go."

Amazon's TV series will take place in the largely unexplored Second Age, thousands of years before Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring's adventures. Because Legolas's exact age was never truly revealed in the books or movies, depending on when the Second Age of Amazon's Lord of the Rings show takes place(since the period spans 3441 year), it's possible that Legolas won't have been born during the events explored in the show - it would be possible to cast Bloom in a different role or cameo though.

Jackson won't be involved in the new series, instead Amazon has announced the creative team for the show, which will include Bryan Cogman and Bruce Richmond of The Game of Thrones series, Helen Shang of Hannibal, Gennifer Hutchison of Breaking Bad and Justin Doble of Stranger Things.