Who Is MCU's Blade? Mahershala Ali’s Blade Explained

Posted by: Dex E.
27 July 2019 10:07:50 pm

One of the biggest surprises of San Diego Comic-Con was Mahershala Ali's Blade Reboot. What does the character's addition mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The orginal Blade movie was released in 1998 and it was played by Wesley Snipes. The real name of Blade is Eric Brooks, he is a hybrid human-vampire who hunts bloodsuckers. He has super-senses, strength and speed, fast healing, longer lifespan than average human. He has immunity to full vampiric transformation and pyschic powers and the power to sense supernatural activity around him. He doesn't have any weaknessess but like other vampires he thirst for blood.

Blade is half vampire because his mother was bitten by a vampire while pregnant with him . A vampire hunter named Abraham Whistler took blade under his wing and trained him to be a hunter and to control his vampire side. He was known as the Day walker and the vamps fear blade. His mission is to get rid the world of vampires which gotten him involved with the Earth Mightiest Heroes in the comics.

With Mahershala Ali onboard, there are so many posibilities opening up Phase 4. His character will add even more to the MCU, Phase 4 is going to be full with so many great storylines. Blade will be released between 2022 and 2023 as part of the MCU's Phase 5.

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