Team Rocket Joins Pokemon Go

Posted by: Sandra Guzman
24 July 2019 12:07:27 pm

The latest Pokemon Go update adds Team Rocket to your neighbourhood, along with two new Pokemon types, Purified and Shadow.

You'll notice that some Poke Stops are now blackened and guarded by a Team Rocket member who players can fight. Win, and you'll acquire their Shadow type Pokemon. These sad creatures are a corrupted type, made after ordinary Pokemon are forced into doing evil things that eventually corrupt their souls. Shadow Pokemon also have a dark aura, and use the attack Frustration.

"Trainers, we have an incoming message from Professor Willow: 'I've noticed an alarming number of reports from Trainers who have found PokéStops that look...discolored?'" Pokemon Go tweeted with a picture of the Team Rocket insignia.


"After taking a closer look with Spark, Professor Willow reported that Pokémon with some sort of mysterious aura were hanging around these discolored PokéStops. We hope they can get to the bottom of this!" Pokemon Go added Tuesday.

After you're able to beat three of a grunt's Pokemon in combat, you can capture their Shadow type Pokemon,You will need to bring a Premier Ball to capture the creature, and use Stardust or Candy to purify the Pokemon back to normality. You could also keep them in their Shadow state, why waste a perfectly good candy right?

Early reports suggest that trading Shadow Pokemon opens up new opportunities to farm near 100 percent stats. If you stack a Lucky Trade's stat boost with the purification process stat boost, once you've purified your Shadow Pokemon after the trade there's a high chance they'll have perfect stats.

Shadow Pokemons have dramatically lower CP, but all have a normal type attack called Frustration. Using Stardust or Candy removes their dark aura and raises their stats. It also replaces the Frustration attack with Return.

Team Rocket's arrival was teased earlier this month when Niantic flew a hot air balloon over Pokemon Go Fest in Germany. Meanwhile, Pokemon Company has partnered with Tencent to develop a new, and still unnamed Pokemon mobile game.