Anthem's Cataclysm: Coming Soon

Posted by: Mak Barrera
23 July 2019 11:07:52 am

This past weekend, Bioware's loot shooter Anthem received a new set of Challenges called "The Oncoming Storm". The event appears to be a precursor to the game's upcoming Cataclysm event, which will let players experience a new limited-time mode. The big question though is, will it be enough to bring players back?

These challenges are available on Freeplay, and push players to destroy 20 crystals, slay 60 crystallized enemies, and complete 8 crystal world events. The reward for finishing the quest is 2,000 coins and the Arcanist's Monument graphic.

It's cool seeing the Bastion begin to change with giant silver crystals appearing everywhere. Although Anthem players have been starving for new content, Cataclysm is designed to just be an 8 week event. Players that complete its story missions will unlock legendary weapons, skins, and more. Let's hope the wait is worth it.

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