Fantastic Four Fan Creates Epic Logo for Doctor Doom

Posted by: Mark Smith
15 December 2019 08:12:28 pm

Fan artist Albin George has created an epic logo for a possible Dr. Doom solo movie. Check out the logo below.

The logo features Dr. Doom looming large in the background with a scratched metal texture for the text.

Noah Hawley had been developing a script for a solo Dr. Doom movie for 20th Century Fox, but it didn't pushed through when rumors spread that Disney would be buying out 20th Century Fox's movie titles. Hawley revealed that the film would have tones of the Cold War.

"I mean, it combined genres. And it’s sort of a Cold War parallel film. And I really like it. I’ve been too busy to really lean on them , and they certainly haven’t called me on the phone. And during my sit down with Kevin Feige, when he asked about the Doctor Doom movie, he said, 'Are you still working on it?' And I said, 'Should I still be working on it?'," he told the site.

Hawley added, "I said, 'I assume you guys have a plan in a drawer somewhere for the Fantastic Four.' And [Feige] smiled a little bit, but would neither confirm nor deny. But yeah, I think it would be a great comic book movie certainly."