Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Reveals Wonder Woman's New Golden Eagle Armor

Posted by: Mark Smith
9 December 2019 09:12:11 am

The first official trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 has arrived on Sunday, and we have a glimpse at Wonder Woman's Golden Eagle Armor from the comics. Check out the photos below.

The armor features gold breastplate with a set of massive wings and an eagle-shaped helmet. The armor protects the hero wearing it and the massive wings gives the wearer the ability to fly. The original design of the Golden Eagle Armor is from DC Elseworlds story "Kingdom Come".

Gal Gadot was asked about the new golden armor at CCXP and she described her first time wearing the costume.

"It's complicated, because I felt great looking in the mirror, but the way it feels when you actually wear it, I gotta tell you, it's a whole different story. The costume looks amazing, but they don't, they're not comfortable.But it's worth it!"

What do you think of Wonder Woman's Golden Eagle armor?