Marvels' Spider-Man is the Best Selling Superhero Game in the United State's

Posted by: Mak Barrera
20 July 2019 11:07:35 am

Marvel's Spider-Man now holds the record for the best-seling superhero game of all time in the US, according to NPD.

This impressive achievement means that within a year, Insomniac's Spider-Man game knocked Batman: Arkham City off the top spot, a spot that the game has held on to since 2011.

The stats were released in a tweet by Mat Piscatella, an analyst at NPD who tracks video games.

The table doesn't reveal the exact figures of just how far ahead Marvel's Spider-Man is compared to Arkham City, nor the exact timing of when it took the lead - though the data seems to have been pulled in May 2019. It's also important to note this data has been mined from US sales only, meaning the global picture could be quite different.

During the first three days upon Spider-Man's release, the game sold over 3.3 million copies, making it the fastest selling Playstation exclusive ever.

Insomniac Games' new adventure strives to make you feel like Spider-Man, and thankfully, the game succeeds at nearly every swing across Manhattan's rooftops. And with the games exciting open world adventures and fluent combat, you don't have to dress up like Spider-Man to feel like him anymore.

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