Chris Evans Reveals if He's Coming back to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Posted by: Mark Smith
22 November 2019 09:11:40 am

Many fans are wondering if Chris Evans will return for a cameo in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier after he stepped away from the MCU. Entertainment Tonight asked Evans if he's planning to comeback to the Disney+ series.

"No, probably not. I mean it was really tough to say goodnight," Evans said. "There was a million ways that whole tenure with Marvel could have gone wrong and it didn't, and so to stick the landing so well they would be ashamed to kind of revisit unless there was something very unique and we felt the need to reveal. So for now, it just feels like let's just let's be content with how well it ended."

Evans also recently spoke with Scarlett Johansson during an inteview for Variety and was asked the same question.

“It’s not a hard no, but it’s not an eager yes either,” he added. “There are other things that I’m working on right now. I think Cap had such a tricky act to stick the landing, and I think they did a really nice job letting him complete his journey. If you’re going to revisit it, it can’t be a cash grab. It can’t be just because the audience wants to be excited. What are we revealing? What are we adding to the story? A lot of things would have to come together. “It doesn’t feel, at this time, that would be a thing.”

Evans might be trying to obfuscate his responses in order to preserve secrets for Marvel Studios. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier cast includes Anthony Mackie (The Falcon), Sebastian Stan(Winter Soldier), Daniel Brühl(Zemo), Emily VanCamp(Sharon Carter), and Wyatt Russel(John Walker).

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will premiere on Disney+ in the Spring of 2021.