Kevin Feige Doesn’t Think the End of Avengers: Infinity War a Cliffhanger

Posted by: Mark Smith
21 November 2019 08:11:12 am

Marvel fans were left a year of suspense after Thanos snapped his finger using the Infinity Gauntlet and erased half of all life in the universe. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has explained why he doesn't consider the Infinity War’s ending a cliffhanger in the book Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame – The Art of the Movie

“One of the reasons why we don’t consider Infinity War a cliffhanger is because the end of the movie is not the heroes disappearing. The end of the movie is Thanos content on a planet in a rather shockingly idyllic environment doing exactly what he told us he would do: sit and look upon a grateful universe. He succeeded, and that’s the end of the film. Will the Avengers try and stop him? Maybe. They’ll try. But they didn’t have much luck before, and I don’t think he’s worried that they’re going to have much luck now.”

Writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus said in a recent interview that the idea fits describing Thanos as the Avengers: Infinity War hero. “[T]he idea was to reinforce that this was a kind of reverse hero’s journey and we wanted to tag that it’s not a cliffhanger,” McFeely said. “Everything ended, and in fact, it ended really well for the guy who was driving the story [Thanos].” Markus continued,“The hero won, and he got to retire to his shack — just like every cop who’s one week away from retirement [in a movie] and usually gets killed. Thanos made it all the way. He got his little fishing post.”

They're actually right, Thanos got the final victory. There's no danger or treat and he was seen alone at peace to his shack at the end of the Infinity war.

What are your thoughts about the ending of Avengers: Infinity War?