Skrull leader Talos Will Have A Bigger Role Moving Forward In The MCU

Posted by: Mark Smith
14 November 2019 04:11:28 pm

We all thought that Ben Mendelsohn's Talos would be the main villain for Captain Marvel film but it turned out that the alien shape shifter was actually good and was just trying to protect his people from the evil Kree.

According to our source, Talos will have a bigger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. He will also be part of S.W.O.R.D and play a key role role in the upcoming Secret Invasion Arc. We last saw Talos in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man:Far From home, which revealed that Nick Fury had been Talos in disguise. The real Fury had been on board into a space station with the Skrulls. And this is the set up for the introduction for S.W.O.R.D, a counterterrorism and intelligence agency. Its function is to deal with extraterrestrial threats to world security and is the space-based counterpart of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Captain Marvel 2 is believed to be the Secret Invasion storyline and there's also the possibility that the Super-Skrulls will be introduced in the sequel. We can now expect that Talos will be in the sequel and future movies.