How Michael Keaton Could Look As Bruce Wayne In A Batman Beyond Movie

Posted by: Mark Smith
30 October 2019 08:10:16 am

Fans are eager to see Michael Keaton play an older Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie, taking in to account how popular Batman Beyond animated series twenty years ago. Digital artist Kunal Chopra shared a fan art in Instagram on how Keaton could look as Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie. Check it out below.






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Wonder if we’ll ever get a Batman Beyond live action movie Cowl by the ever amazing @hernandezefx

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There have been rumors in the media about Warner Bros. considering Micheal Keaton in a Batman Beyond movie. Keaton is considered to be one of the best Batman actors in his performance in the 1989 movie Batman and its 1992 sequel Batman Returns from director Tim Burton.

The idea of Michael Keaton in a Batman Beyond movie may just be a rumor as of now but Dark Knight will be back in The Batman movie  which premieres on June 25, 2021.