How Henry Cavill Could Look As Marvel’s Sentry

Posted by: Mark Smith
25 October 2019 08:10:30 am

It was rumored that Henry Cavill has played Superman for the last in DCEU and he never reached his full potential as Superman. A lot of fans wants him to see him join the MCU.

Cavill could be the perfect choice to be the Marvel's Sentry in the MCU. Created by digital artist ApexForm, the fan art shows Cavill suited up as Sentry, with clashing gold and cyan of the custome while flanking bolts of lighting. Check out the Instagram post below shared by Screenrant.






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Power move: if Marvel got Henry Cavill to play Sentry 😎

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The story of Sentry begins when Bob Reynolds suddenly remembers that he is the Sentry, who possesses the "power of one million exploding suns," including astral projection, flight, strength, regenaration, teleportation, telepathy, shapeshifting, invisibily and energy manipulation. However, some event in the past erased all trace of the hero from not only the memories of the whole world, but also himself.

We'd like also to see Cavill to play Captain Britain, which would allow him to play a superhero with his natural English accent. There were rumors that Cavil secretly met with Marvel to discuss an unknown role.

For now, we can't be sure that The Sentry will be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or if he will be played by Cavill. Cavill's next project The Witcher is expected to premiere on Netflix later this year.