Matt Reeves To Introduce Nightwing And Batgirl In His Batman Trilogy

Posted by: Mark Smith
1 October 2019 08:10:46 am

Warner Bros. and fans are hoping that casting Robert Pattinson as Batman would start a bright future for the Caped Crusader on big screen. According to reports, Forbes has unveiled exciting details about the plans of Matt Reeves for The Batman and beyond.

Reeves is currently searching for the perfect Two-face and Catwoman for his movie. There is also a posibility that Batgirl could be introduced in The Batman. Jonah Hill will either play Riddler or Penguin. Nightwing has also a good chance to appear in the DCEU in the form of an orgin story.

“Dick Grayson is expected to make an appearance in one of the Reeves movies,” Forbes stated.

The Batman will hit in theaters on June 25, 2021.