Spider-Man Deal Reportedly On Hold Because Of Apple Possibly Buying Sony

Posted by: Mark Smith
19 September 2019 08:09:47 am

It's been few weeks since we learned that Spider-Man was out of Marvel Cinematic Universe due to breakdown of negotiations between Disney and Sony.

According to reports, there's a possibility that Apple may buy Sony. Disney wouldn't have to pay a dime for Spider-Man if Sony is bought by another company, Spider-Man film rights will revert back to Marvel.

It has been also reported that besides Apple, Amazon is interested as well. Picking up Sony seems like could happen since both Apple and Amazon don't have their own theatrical distribution model. Apple and Amazon would then have their own studio.

Tom Holland will still be playing Spider-Man for Spider-Man 3 and there are also plans to cross him over with Tom Hardy's Venom.

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