Christian Bale Thinks Robert Pattinson Casting Is a Good Choice for The Batman

Posted by: Dex E.
9 September 2019 11:09:09 am

During the Toronto International Film Festival, Variety interviewed the cast of “Ford V. Ferrari” where Christian Bale asked on his thoughts about the casting of Robert Pattinson as Batman.

“Oh Good choice,” Bale exclaimed. “He is interesting.”

Bale’s co-star Matt Damon complimented Pattinson’s recent movie, “Did you see the Safdie brothers movie that he did? He’s fantastic. He’s really good.”

As for Bale’s advice for Pattinson, “Oh, same as for Ben [Affleck]. Just be able to pee by yourself. You don’t feel much like a superhero when you can’t take a piss by yourself.”

The Batman will hit in theaters on June 25, 2021. 

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