Marvel Studios Phase 4 Intro Videos Leaked Online

Posted by: Dex E.
9 September 2019 08:09:02 am

Last month, Marvel Studios unveiled the majority of its Phase 4 slate at San Diego Comic-Con and now, someone in attendance has leaked a 45-second video in a Reddit post that shows the logo animations for all the projects announced at Comic-Con.

The video shows 10 different logo animations. Check below all the phase 4 official intros.

All the Phase 4 official title intros from r/marvelstudios

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and his team wanted to start out with a clean slate moving ahead.

"There always is [a bigger vision], and it sort of only comes into view for others as it all solidifies," Feige added. "So ask me again at the end of 2021. But I will say, post-Endgame, we were always about the new. We were always about doing what we always tried to do in Phase One, Two and Three, which is do a film of character you already know, [like] Black Widow, in a way that you don't expect."

Click here to view Marvel's full line-up. Which Phase 4 project are you excited?

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