Rainbow Six Siege Introduce Battle Pass

Posted by: Mak Barrrera
19 August 2019 12:08:57 pm

In a move that seems inevitable this 2019, it seems like Rainbow Six Siege is finally falling in line with its first-person shooter competitors by introducing a Battle Pass system.

Similar to other games, Rainbow Six Siege's battle pass will give players a new progression track to unlock cosmetics, renown boosters, and new operator lore.

Siege's battle pass will be released in two phases. The mini-pass will be a seven-day event called "Call Me Harry" and will include 7 tiers. It seems like the seven-day event is a testing ground for Ubisoft as it prepares for its "full-pledged" battle pass premiering in Season 4 this year.

Alexander Karpazis said in an announcement video. "Our intentions behind it is to reward players more than ever playing our game, and also to provide a progression they can work through whenever they're playing."

Along with Operation Ember Rise, the Battle Pass will also feature a narrative element, with Harry narrating and telling the stories of himself and Rainbow operators.

Ember Rise also adds:

  • An all-new unranked playlist containing the same rules as Ranked without affecting players’ rank or MMR.

  • New Champions rank

  • Map rotations have been reworked in Ranked, Casual and Unranked

  • Player Behavior updates to combat in-game toxicity

  • The Operators menu has been reworked

  • The shop interface has been improved

All Ember Rise content will be playable for the PC version's test servers starting August 19, 2019.