The Coolest and Rarest Limited Edition Playstation 4 Consoles

Posted by: mak Barrera
19 August 2019 11:08:40 am

With the Playstation 4 reaching its twilight years and over 100 million units sold worldwide, it's no surprise that there is a handful that stands out from the rest. Whether to promote a game or event, there have been some beautiful and bizarre variations of the sleek black box.

Let's take a look at them!

500 Million PS4 Pro
Amazon: $911

The cool translucent blue PS4 Pro was released in celebration of Playstations huge milestone: over 500 million Playstation consoles sold since the original's debut. The tint is a bit high so you'll probably need to shine a light on it to get a good look at its internal bits. Only 50,000 were made so you'll need to pay extra if you plan on picking one up.


Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro Bundle
Amazon: $570 / eBay: $1,150

This limited edition Playstation 4 launched alongside the game, and it's fit for a king. The chassis' surface is lined with highly detailed decorations from Kingdom Hearts, as is the controller that comes with the game. The Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro includes a mystery Funko Pop! Box. The console was exclusive only at GameStop, the only way to get your hands on one now is via Amazon or eBay, you'll need to pay a higher price now though.


PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition
Amazon: $1298

Do you want that childhood nostalgia mixed in while playing the latest games? Playstations 20th Anniversary Edition gives you just that, featuring the original Playstation's iconic design while being able to play the greatest games available on the market today. Finding one in new condition is difficult since the Anniversary model is met with high demand.

2018 Days of Play PS4 Slim
Amazon: $389

Days of Play is their celebration of PlayStation gamers. It's typically celebrated with a nice big corporate sale. but also with a limited edition PS4 release. This 1TB console has a deep blue finish along with its DualShock controller.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Pro
Amazon: $636

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Pro is one of a kind with its iconic markings and Star Wars logos. The base of the console is the same Jet Black finish you'd find on an ordinary PS4 Pro. The controller has also been treated with Star Wars-themed symbols, as well as a Star Wars logo on the touchpad.


Metal Gear Solid 5 Special Edition PS4
eBay: $633

Inspired by Snake's robotic arm, this console features a sleek maroon color, Diamond Dog's logo, and a line of gold trim running down across it. If you're a Metal Gear fan and have some extra money lying around, this is certainly something you'll want to pick up.


Spider-Man PS4 Pro
Amazon: $571

It doesn't come as a surprise that Sony decided to release a Spider-Man themed Playstation 4, with Spider-Man being a Playstation 4 exclusive. his PS4 Pro features Spider-Man's shade of red, with his logo standing out on the front. The controller's dominant color is also red and features white buttons and analog sticks.


God of War PS4 Pro
Amazon: $870

Of course, the PlayStation 4's highest-rated game gets its own limited edition model. The God of War PS4 Pro comes with a gorgeous silver finish with markings inspired by the ax that Kratos uses throughout the game. The controller also gets a God of War-themed insignia and a tricked out trackpad.


Destiny PS4
Amazon: $392

Sony went with a white backdrop here with etchings depicting topographical space map to make it look busy. There's a nice big Guardians' banner upfront, with a Destiny logo situated in the upper left corner.


Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro
eBay: $489

The case is adorned with an awesome dragon-type monster, and the DualShock 4 controllers come in a dark red color along with various series emblems. The only downside though is that you will probably need to get one on eBay since the console was exclusive only in Japan.


Call of Duty WW2 PS4 Slim
Amazon: $449

Fans of the armed forces will love the Call of Duty WW2 PS4 Slim model. The forestry green chassis just looks cool sitting on your entertainment stand.


Final Fantasy XV PS4 Slim
Amazon: $500

A full moon blends into the jet Black chassis of the console, successfully capturing the essence of Final Fantasy XV. The Final Fantasy logo is found in the middle, and perhaps the coolest thing about this console is the lettering beneath the logo - the names of all four main protagonists.


PS4 Slim Gold
Amazon: $440

There's only one word to describe the golden PS4 Slim, "Elegant". It's not actual gold though, but the shade used on both the controller and the console is just stunning. Pair this with an OLED TV to have that rich living room effect.


Batman Arkham Knight PS4
Amazon: $331

"It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me." Bruce Wayne's famous quote perfectly describes what this console is all about. It's a desirable gaming machine with one of the most iconic comic book characters ever created represented here.


Uncharted 4 PS4
Amazon: $446

The Uncharted 4 PS4 features a pretty interesting "Gray Blue" shade with a pretty cool silkscreened artwork and the uncharted logo in gold lettering.


Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars PS4
Amazon $433

This 500GB PS4 is more for those who identify with the Dark Side, with the Disney Infinity 3.0 model showing Darth Vader in all his ominous glory. this is one desirable package as it comes with a few figurines to add to your collection.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PS4
Amazon: $295

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's version of the PS4 goes all-in on the Nuk3town orange highlights. The console itself is finished with a nice contrast of nuclear orange and carbon gray and shows the roman numeral three as it appears on the cover of the game.


Hitman PlayStation 4 Console – Agent 47 Briefcase
Only one manufactured, given away in a raffle

Designed as a replica of Hitman protagonist Agent 47’s briefcase. While most other limited edition consoles act as paint jobs, this one-of-a-kind console goes above and beyond with its unconventional form and attention to detail. You’d likely have to become a hitman yourself to get your hands on this console, as only one exists, and it’s in the hands of a very lucky winner of a raffle Square Enix put on back in 2016.

Sony GayStation
Final auction price: $4,105

Created as an incentive for a charity auction, the cutely dubbed “GayStation” features a colorful rainbow design on the console, with a retro-style heart in the middle. Benefitting the Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights, the console sold for $4,105, but the proceeds went to charity.
We know how tempting it is to pick up a limited edition anything, so it's a shame if you miss that window. However, if you happened to miss out and you just want yourself a limited edition PS4, you aren't totally out of luck. Sony still offers a couple of these things at retail.


2019 Days of Play
Amazon: $300

This Limited Edition was just added to Playstation's console line-up(as the name suggests). Featuring a Steel Black case, iconic face button etching, and a shiny little PS logo, this is one sleek console. Even if Days of Play aren't the most-exclusive limited editions out there, they are a beautiful and affordable option to show your PS love.


We know how tempting it is to pick up a limited edition anything, so it's a shame if you miss that window. However, if you happened to miss out and you just want yourself a limited edition PS4, you aren't totally out of luck. Sony still offers a couple of these things at retail.

With Sony's Playstation 4 hitting 100 Million Units Sold, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get one for yourself. consider picking up the steel black Days of Play PS4 Slim to show off your PlayStation pride in style. Not only is it a beautiful limited edition console, but it's also one of the cheapest that you can find.

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