Taika Waititi Meets With Ryan Gosling Sparking Thor: Love and Thunder Rumors

Posted by: Dex E.
18 August 2019 09:08:24 pm

Many great actors have been joining the MCU, including Salma Hayek in The Eternals, Jake Gylennhaal in Spider-Man, Mahershala Ali as Blade and Nathalie Portman as Mighty Thor in Thor:Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder Director Taika Waititi was spotted hanging out with superstar Ryan Gosling, and now fans are jumping to their hopes that Gosling could be joining the MCU.

Ryan Gosling had previously been rumored for the role of Doctor Strange in the past but he was not interested in taking the superhero role. There's no doubt that Gosling would make an amazing villain and to see what he could do in MCU.

Kevin Feige revealed new details about the film.

"We love the story -- it's one of the best comic runs recently," Feige recently explained to CNN. "[Director Taika Waititi] would flip through and read that run while he was doing Ragnarok. And I think when he agreed to come back and do another Thor, he was like, 'How do we--?' This is a very big movie that'll be folding in a lot of elements. That is a huge important part of it. He pitched it to us, and we were totally in. We loved it. We'd been in touch with Natalie. She's part of the MCU family and we put she and Taika together. It took one meeting and she agreed to do it."

Thor: Love and Thunder is scheduled to be released in theaters on November 5, 2021. Do you think Ryan Gosling would be a great addition to the cast?

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