The Hulk vs The Thing: Marvel Finally Crowns a Victor

Posted by: Mak Barrera
16 August 2019 02:08:11 pm

WARNING: The article contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #13. You've been warned.

There aren't many rivalries in comic books like the one between the hulk and the Thing. While they are actually on the same side, the two have found themselves fighting each other at various times over their careers, and Ben Grimm tends to be painted as the underdog in every fight. Aunt Petunia's favorite nephew may be tough, but it's hard to top a gamma-powered monster who grows stronger as he becomes angrier. The Hulk often comes out the victor, but it was never really clear which one is stronger between the two. Marvel fans might have just received their answer to that question though in the pages of Fantastic Four #13.

The fight which started in last month's Fantastic Four #12, saw The Incredible Hulk interrupt Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters' honeymoon for a rematch. In truth however, the villain known as Puppet Master(Alicia's stepfather Philip Masters), brainwashed Hulk into attacking his son-in-law. Ben struggles to protect Alicia and other bystanders and to make matters worse, his watch is steadily ticking down toward the point where he reverts back to human form.

While Ben manages to get some good punches in, he spends most of the time getting viciously pummeled around. After Alicia manages to help other survivors, she goes to a beaten down-down Ben Grimm. He tells her to run and that he's about to run out of time, but she stops him in his tracks when he tells her he failed them.

When Ben says that Hulk's got him beat in every way, including being bigger, stronger, and smarter, Alicia counters with "None of that matters because this fight isn't about brains or brawn. It's about HEART". Ben is able to dig deep, summon every last bit of his strength and wallop Hulk with a punch so hard it knocks the Hulk unconscious. The impact also shatters Ben's wrist device and the aftershocks break apart even more of his outer shell.

The force also destroys the clay figure that Puppet Master was using to control Hulk.

Ben practically destroyed his arm in the process, But he finally got his answer, along with everyone else: The Thing beat the Hulk, fair and square. Using a weapon that Hulk did not posses - Heart.