Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Has a Tamagotchi That Feeds Off Your Kills

Posted by: Mak Barrera
8 August 2019 02:08:53 pm

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare includes a variety of gears for players to support their battle efforts, the reboot also takes us back to the '90s with the Tamagunchi, an optional accessory in both multiplayer and the Spec-Ops coop mode.

As the name suggests, Tamagunchi's are Infinity Ward's version of the Tamagotchi. In case you entered the world after the '90s, Tamagotchis were small wearable devices that contained virtual pets. These toys tasked children with keeping the Tamagotchi alive by feeding it, cleaning it, and keeping it happy.

Tamagunchis function very similar, except these are ravenous beasts feeding off your kills. The more kills you get, the happier it is. Go too long without a kill and "it will rot and die" said art director Joel Emslie.

The idea was birthed when Infinity Ward decided to implement the version of Tamagotchis as an alternative to the vanilla wristwatch that players can choose to wear in multiplayer. WHile the ordinary watch displays real-world time in game, Tamagunchis will be directly affected by your kill-death ratio.

People have really picked up on [our wristwatches], and they’re curious to know more about how things are going to be developed with that," art director Joel Emslie told The Daily Star.

"For example, we’ve got one we call the TomaGUNchi - it’s a Tamagotchi that feeds on kills. It’s a one-off we got creative with. I said to our engineers: ‘Can you make it so that whilst we’re playing and I get kills in multiplayer, it kinda lives and grows?’"

Tamagunchis react directly on your performance, reminding you that you are doing great or terrible by going "Ya-ta" and making a little noise or just dying. The virtual pets even evolve out of their eggs should you pull together a successful string of kills.

It's a hyper-specific detail that shows how Infinity Ward is aiming for a more playful tone in multiplayer compared to the realism of the single-player campaign, if you want to try the game for yourself, check out Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta schedules here.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out on October 25, 2019.