Lauren Cohan's Maggie, May Return in Season 10 of The Walking Dead

Posted by: Mak Barrera
15 July 2019 12:07:11 pm

Entertainment Weekly recently did an interview on one of The Walking Dead's showrunner Angela Kang about the possibility of seeing Lauren Cohan in the next season of The Walking Dead, which Kang intriguingly kept mum.

Kang responded, "I'm not sure if I can say much about it right now actually. I'll just say that we're working on it".

Cohan originally left The Walking Dead midway through Season 9, and going on to star in the ABC series Whiskey Cavalier. But with whiskey Cavalier being cancelled after one season, many fans are hopeful for Cohan to reprise her role as Maggie again.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Banner

Maggie's exit was very open-ended, with a huge time jump following Rick's disappearance allowing for her own departure to be easily explained away - apparently, Maggie has ben helping Georgie form a new community elsewhere. It's something that can easily be reversed anytime as Cohan is free to drop by Hilltop again, and it sounds like that might happen this season.

At this point, the biggest hurdle to Maggie's return may be Cohan herself. The actress previously indicated a desire to move on from the show after eight years and seek new challenges. Cohan stated “Eight years is a really long time to be in those emotional depths, and it’s really fun for me because I never thought about drama as much when I started this career and I always kind of assumed I’d do like light fare."

It looks like we'll just have to be patient and see what The Walking Dead Season 10 has in store for us.

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