Fueled by the passion and drive of three friends.

Shawarmachine saw it’s humble beginnings in early February of 2019. Led by it’s co-founders, Mak and Dexter, Shawarmachine started as a facebook page delivering daily news related to gaming, movies, TV shows and anything remotely geeky, for the pure purpose of sharing their passion with the world and providing entertainment and fun to their followers.

Shawarmachine has two objectives: To report on the video game industry and anything remotely related to it, and to provide entertainment while doing it.

Now, Shawarmachine is a global community in gaming. With the addition of a third creative leader and a team based in the Philippines, the website is now set to expand it’s reaches throughout the world. Providing people with “entertainment they can wrap their hands in”.

Have some interesting ideas for shows and content? Or suggestions on how we can improve? Drop us a line at Shawarmachine3010@gmail.com.